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Extra info

In the stories next to the pictures you'll sometimes find a link that opens a window with background information. I've done this in cases where I thought that this adds to a better understanding of the story.


Going to Myanmar (previously 'Birma') was somewhat controversial. Some people, like the leader of the democratic party and Nobel price laureat Aung San Suu Kyi, say tourism is mainly to the benefit of the suppressing government. Others say it's a good way for the outside world to see what's going on in Myanmar.

I did go and tried to behave as responsible as possible. That means I tried to spend my money mostly to the benefit of the local people. Besides that I've added some background stories to the pictures on this website for those of you interested in the situation in Myanmar. Talking with the Birmese people about their country was not possible since they don't have freedom of speech and "the army is everywhere".


For foreign visitors of this website: the stories on this site are in Dutch. Sorry about that!

Holland vs. The Netherlands

It must be the number one question people ask you when you're traveling: "Where do you come from?". I've tried answering "The Netherlands", just to see the kind of reaction I get. Well, the reaction is mostly a look of no understanding. So it's "Holland". But why are we known as Holland and not as The Netherlands? And why is The Netherlands plural? asked the experts...

Still, I don't know why people from The Netherlands and their language are called 'Dutch'? It would make more sense to call them 'Hollands', wouldn't it...? Let me know if you have the answer to this!
End of story


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